How to Choose the Right Mechanic

Choosing an honest mechanic over someone who doesn’t have your best interest at heart can save you hundreds or even thousands of dollars, not to mention the wasted time and personal aggravation that can come from making the wrong choice. Below are some hints to assist you in selecting a dependable source for motor vehicle repairs.


Ask Around

Your friends and neighbors can be an excellent source for discovering a skilled repairman because they are usually unbiased and eager to share their stories. Be especially alert for bad experiences, as these could be indicators of a shop you should avoid.

Avoid Unkempt Mechanics

While it’s true that auto repair can be a dirty business, a sloppy or disorganized work area should be a red flag to the consumer. A well-maintained and uncluttered garage is a good indication of a mechanic who takes pride in his or her work.

Find a Specialist

Just as you wouldn’t go to a surgeon to receive treatment for a head cold, you shouldn’t expect a shop that mainly does automobile oil changes and tune-ups to repair the transmission in your RV. Shop around until you find a mechanic who is experienced and knowledgeable about your type of vehicle and the service it needs.

Ask Questions

It’s your vehicle and your money, so don’t be shy about asking for clarification of anything you don’t find clear. A good mechanic should be able to explain any problem in layman’s language so the customer can understand. If he can’t or won’t do so, find another mechanic.

Be Prepared and Be Patient

You noticed something that led you to seek professional assistance, and it would be helpful if you shared that information with your mechanic. It will assist him in diagnosing your problem sooner rather than later. And understand that a comprehensive repair diagnosis takes time. Be patient and allow your mechanic enough time to give your vehicle a thorough inspection.


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