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Seven Oaks Transmissions welcomes anyone who wants answers to questions about the Auto repairs & services offered at our auto transmission repair shop in Winnipeg, questions about a car or truck transmission problem, or just general inquiries about Transmissions service Winnipeg, to our website's page with the questions our managers, service writers, rebuilders, and technicians are commonly asked about. Our transmission specialists have put together the following collection of answers to those questions in the hope they will be useful to anyone in Winnipeg and surrounding areas in need of transmission service.

Please feel free to schedule an appointment for a vehicle repair or service any time using our website contact page.

We hope that all of our customers in the Winnipeg area find these frequently asked questions and answers about transmission repair useful.

Many of those who bring their vehicle to our transmission repair shop in Winnipeg are both surprised and relieved to learn that a problem with their vehicle's transmission does not necessarily mean a lot of money needs to be spent to repair it. In fact there are several transmission problems that can be solved without having to remove the transmission from a vehicle. Seven Oaks Transmissions has put together the following information in an effort to make you a better informed consumer when trying to decide if you should repair or replace your transmission. The technicians at our Winnipeg transmission shop are always available if you should have any questions about the information provided below. We also provide Transmission Inspections to determine the best solution for your particular situation. To request your inspection, please call us we will be happy to assist you.

Seven Oaks Transmissions service Winnipeg recommends all of our customers in the Winnipeg area that it is best to not drive with a transmission leak. The transmission in a car or truck is a sealed hydraulic component and any loss of transmission fluid due to a leak will affect the performance of the vehicle. We encourage any of our customers in the Winnipeg area to schedule a road test and multi-check inspection with Seven Oaks Transmissions.

Unless driving conditions in the Winnipeg area indicate otherwise, Seven Oaks Transmissions tells our customers that transmission are controlled electronically by a computer and should be driven in overdrive.

When the transmission specialists at Seven Oaks Transmissions scan your transmission they are attaching a diagnostic computer to a terminal in the vehicle. The scanning diagnostic tool communicates with the vehicle's computer to see if any trouble codes are present. If trouble codes are detected the scanner reads the output from various vehicle sensors and feeds that information to the computer. This information is then helpful in determining the transmission system's electrical control system. Seven Oaks Transmissions uses high-quality transmission diagnostic equipment to help us diagnose the transmission problems of all of our customers in the Winnipeg area.

Yes, extreme cold or hot weather combined with poor driving conditions can impact a transmission's life expectancy. When seldom driven or usually driven short distances, vehicles may be subject to unusual wear or strain. An example would be vehicles that are normally driven a short distance normally never have the chance for the engine to heat up to the normal heat range, the result of which can be excessive engine wear.

There are several variables that can affect the cost to fix or repair a transmission in Winnipeg, Manitoba. These variables include determining the cause of your transmission problem, your vehicle's age and type of transmission, and the specific service or repair that needs to be completed. Seven Oaks Transmissions offers an external diagnostic service to identify how best to fix your problem and keep repair or service costs to a minimum. An external diagnostic service includes checking the level and condition of the transmission fluid, taking your vehicle around the Winnipeg area for a road test, and a diagnosis of the external transmission controls by one of the technicians at Seven Oaks Transmissions. This diagnosis will determine if there is a transmission problem, and if the problem can be corrected with an external repair or adjustment.

If you would like to schedule a visit to our Winnipeg auto repair shop for an external diagnostic service please call us we will be happy to assist you.

Seven Oaks Transmissions will often be asked by those in the Winnipeg area who rely on our team of auto repair mechanics for their automotive expertise and advice, what are the best tips or suggestions for keeping an automatic or manual transmission properly maintained. As such, Seven Oaks Transmissions has put together the following list. We hope it will be useful to anyone in the Winnipeg area who may be wondering about how to properly maintain the transmission in a vehicle.

Be certain to have the scheduled maintenance done on the transmission in accordance with the vehicle owner's manual

It is best to always have the transmission fluid inspected when having an oil change at Seven Oaks Transmissions in Winnipeg

Avoid driving around the surrounding Winnipeg areas in a vehicle that has little or NO transmission fluid

Never switch gears from Drive to Reverse when a vehicle is moving

Wheels should not be spun on vehicles that have Front Wheel Drive

When experiencing a transmission problem it is best to not drive the vehicle as doing so may result in additional damage or harm

It is always best practice not to "drag race" a vehicle as doing so puts unnecessary strain on an automatic transmission

Unless a vehicle is an automatic 4x4 or All Wheel, it is not recommended to drive in 4x4 range on dry asphalt

Prior to shifting gear into another range it is always recommended to come to a complete stop first

When driving around the Winnipeg area with a Front Wheel or All Wheel Drive vehicle it is best to not drive with mismatched tire sizes or on spare tires

Seven Oaks Transmissions hopes that these tips on transmission maintenance have been helpful to anyone in the Winnipeg area who has an interest in how best to maintain a transmission. If you live in the Winnipeg area and need an auto repair or service, please call us we will be happy to assist you.

It is important to understand that various transmissions use different types of transmission fluids. Our Winnipeg transmission shop offers several different types of transmission fluid brands, all of which are of excellent quality. Seven Oaks Transmissions recommends you change your transmission fluid every 25,000 to 35,000 miles as part of a regular maintenance schedule for your vehicle. When you bring your vehicle to our Winnipeg transmission shop for a transmission fluid change we will also replace your filter, the pan gasket, and perform a final leak-check followed by a thorough road test.

When helping our auto repair shop’s customers in the Winnipeg area that have a transmission problem, our skilled technicians will often advise them that when it comes to transmission repair they have several options to choose from. And like most options in life, the options for transmission repair each have their advantages and disadvantages. Seven Oaks Transmissions tells our customers that their choice will usually be dependent on such considerations as quality, cost, as well as the duration of time that is required to return the vehicle. To help those in the Winnipeg area that have a problem with their transmission, Seven Oaks Transmissions is pleased to offer a short description of the available options for a transmission problem.

New Transmission:

Often to the surprise of the customers who come to our auto repair shop for our automotive repair expertise, new transmission are not available from any source – including automotive dealerships in the Winnipeg area. If a transmission is purchased from a dealer, that transmission is not a new transmission but rather remanufactured transmission. For those in the Winnipeg area in search of a new transmission, they should know that transmissions are only "new" when first installed into a vehicle at the factory. Needless to say, this is an important consideration when contemplating the cost of a transmission.

Rebuilt Transmission:

Another common option often chosen by those in the Winnipeg area who have transmission problems are rebuilt transmissions. Rebuilding a transmission is a very complicated process and as such requires a true transmission specialist, typically called a "transmission rebuilder". When a transmission is rebuilt, it is taken apart piece by piece, with each piece being carefully inspected for damaged or worn parts. These parts are commonly referred to in the transmission repair industry as "hard parts". The transmission is then put back together to factory specifications using what are often referred to in the transmission repair industry as soft parts, i.e. replacement gaskets, seals, bands, and clutches. At Seven Oaks Transmissions, the term "rebuilt" is commonly used when a transmission in a vehicle is removed and reinstalled after being rebuilt by a specialist, or as mentioned previously a transmission rebuilder. Other terms commonly used in the transmission repair industry for a rebuilt transmission include overhauled, reconditioned, or refurbished.

Remanufactured Transmission:

The option known as a remanufactured transmission, often referred to as a "reman" is essentially the same as a rebuilt transmission with the exception being that a remanufactured transmission usually originates from a factory. Typically there are two common methodologies for remanufacturing transmissions in a factory setting. In one scenario, a team of technicians skilled in specific areas of transmission repair is employed. For example, one transmission technician will perform the tear down (disassembly) and inspects the transmission, another technician will perform the cleaning of the transmission’s parts, followed by several technicians who work to assemble and restore various components before finally having one individual assemble the remanufactured transmission. The other method commonly used in the remanufacturing of transmissions utilizes one individual who is skilled and familiar with a particular family of or specific type of transmission(s). In such a situation this individual will rebuild the transmission from start to finish.

Regardless of the method of remanufacturing a transmission, once completed and prior to being shipped for sale, the remanufactured transmission will be tested on a machine called a dynamometer.

Repaired Transmission:

Quite often, when a customer comes to Seven Oaks Transmissions with a transmission problem, a repair of the existing transmission is all that is required. A transmission repair can include items such as a failed solenoid or broken input shaft, either of which can be replaced without needing to completely rebuild the transmission. Another situation when a repair is needed is when there is a transmission leak. When an external inspection of the transmission a leak is detected and the internal parts of the transmission have a useful remaining life, replacing the external seals of the transmission is all that is required to repair the transmission. Typically when repairing a transmission, any warranty consideration is limited to the specific part that was replaced. This can be a problem if after the transmission repair is completed an internal part fails that was not associated with the problem. When compared to a rebuilt or remanufactured transmission, a transmission repair can be cost effective but it should be noted that there is a certain element of risk involved.

Used Transmission:

Finally the last option for those in the Winnipeg area with a transmission problem is to purchase a used transmission and have it installed. A great example of a used transmission being a viable option is when for example a vehicle has been totalled by an insurance company for something as simple as an air bag being deployed when involved in a minor accident. With the exception of the minor problem, the remainder of the vehicle may be in fantastic condition and with very low mileage. Seven Oaks Transmissions does tell our customers that even though a used transmission may be cheaper than a rebuilt or remanufactured transmission, the trade-off is usually the lack of a warranty on a used transmission.

In conclusion, Seven Oaks Transmissions tells our customers that they should remember that not each and every option described is practical. Variables such as the type of car in question, the overall mileage, and failure type usually determine which option(s) are best. Seven Oaks Transmissions invites anyone in the Winnipeg area who has a transmission problem to contact us and let one of our automotive repair specialists advise you as to which option might be best for your situation!

Seven Oaks Transmissions tells our customers in the Winnipeg area that there are several variables that can affect the cost of a transmission repair at our Winnipeg auto repair shop, including determining the cause of a transmission problem, a vehicle's age and type of transmission, and the specific service or repair that needs to be completed by a technician at Seven Oaks Transmissions. Seven Oaks Transmissions offers an external diagnostic service to identify how best to fix your problem and keep repair or service costs to a minimum. An external diagnostic service at Seven Oaks Transmissions includes checking the level and condition of the transmission fluid, taking the vehicle for a road test around the Winnipeg area, and a diagnosis of the external transmission controls. This diagnosis will determine if there is a transmission problem, and if the problem can be corrected with an external repair or adjustment. If you would like to schedule a visit to our Winnipeg auto repair shop for an external diagnostic service please complete and submit the form in the contact page in the website and someone from Seven Oaks Transmissions will contact you for an appointment.

Seven Oaks Transmissions recommends that our customers in the Winnipeg area change their vehicle's transmission fluid every 3 years / 36,000 miles. The transmission technicians at Seven Oaks Transmissions Winnipeg recommend bringing your vehicle to our Winnipeg auto repair shop ones a year for a transmission fluid change. If your vehicle is older, or you use it for hauling heavy loads and/or towing around the Winnipeg area, it may be required more frequently. To determine if a fluid change is needed, Seven Oaks Transmissions recommends an external diagnostic service. An external diagnostic service for a transmission includes checking the level and condition of your transmission fluid, a road test around Winnipeg, and putting your car on a lift at our shop to check your external transmission controls and to keep your transmission, and your vehicle, performing properly. Please call us we will be happy to assist you.

The primary focus of Seven Oaks Transmissions is the repair and service of transmissions, and there are a variety of services available. If you think there is a problem with your transmission, an expert transmission technician at our Winnipeg transmission shop will perform an external diagnostic service. This transmission service includes checking the level and condition of your vehicle's transmission fluid, a road test, and a diagnosis of the external transmission controls. If you have a transmission problem, this diagnostic test will determine if the problem can be corrected with a minor external repair or adjustment. Often times the replacement or adjustment of a transmission or drive-train related component(s) will correct the problem. In other cases there could be an electronic or computer malfunction. In still other cases you may need a rebuilt transmission.

Contact us to schedule your transmission service in Winnipeg.

Just like your vehicle's engine, the transmissions of most modern vehicles our customers in the Winnipeg area drive are controlled by on board computers. When a malfunction occurs a vehicle's computer will store a code, relative to the problem, and will display a warning light on the console. Needless to say Seven Oaks Transmissions tells our customers that these warnings should not be ignored. Early diagnosis, by a qualified transmission technician at Seven Oaks Transmissions, with the proper equipment, can save a vehicle's owner money and help to prevent getting stranded out on the road somewhere in or around Winnipeg. Seven Oaks Transmissions has the equipment and trained technicians to help you when this occurs.

Seven Oaks Transmissions will often be asked by our customers in the Winnipeg area what color transmission fluid is. Our technicians tell them that transmission fluid is dyed red for identification purposes only. Without using a red dye in transmission fluid the color would be clear to slightly amber.

Yes, the chances of various types of automatic transmission failure can be minimized when regularly serviced by our transmission specialists at Seven Oaks Transmissions. Regular servicing can help prevent lubrication related problems as well as those resulting from debris or clogged filters.

The technicians at Seven Oaks Transmissions understand our customers' time is valuable so we do everything we can to get you back on the roads of Winnipeg as soon as possible. When you bring your vehicle to Seven Oaks Transmissions in Winnipeg for a transmission check we use the latest technology to perform an external diagnostic service. A diagnostic service at Seven Oaks Transmissions includes checking the condition and level of your vehicle's transmission fluid, taking your vehicle for a road test, and external transmission control diagnosis. This service usually is completed in about 90 minutes. Ready to schedule an appointment at Seven Oaks Transmissions? Complete and submit the form in the contact page on the website and one of our transmission technicians will contact you.

A regular question asked of the automotive repair technicians on staff at Seven Oaks Transmissions is when should I flush my transmission? As a leading auto repair shop serving the Winnipeg and surrounding areas, Seven Oaks Transmissions usually tells our customers that in most situations and for most vehicles a transmission service, involving dropping the transmission pan and changing the transmission fluid and filter, is recommended every 30,000 to 40,000 miles - and NOT a transmission flush.

And although Seven Oaks Transmissions normally recommends a transmission service over a transmission flush, there are some situations when a transmission flush is required. For example, some transmissions do not have a filter that can be serviced. When having any type of transmission problem it is advised to have the vehicle's transmission inspected by an automotive repair specialist to help prevent or minimize any damage to the transmission.

Listed below are some of the more common transmission problems that indicate a vehicle should be brought to Seven Oaks Transmissions for a FREE external diagnostic inspection and complimentary test drive by a one of our professional transmission repair specialists.

Gear Slipping

Seven Oaks Transmissions tells our customers that just as a contaminated transmission may result in a loss of hydraulic power, not having enough transmission fluid may result in the same situation. For a car or truck to remain in the proper gear, a transmission is required to develop enough pressure. In the situation where a transmission has contaminants (clutch or metal debris for example), these contaminants can interfere with the transmission fluid flowing as intended to assist with the pressure required for proper performance.

When the transmission fluid level in a vehicle is low, it usually indicates that there is a leak and the vehicle should be brought into Seven Oaks Transmissions for a free inspection before any additional damage might occur. Additionally the discovery of contaminates in the transmission fluid may indicate a bigger problem that can result in larger problems than what a flush or service may provide. In either situation it is best to schedule an appointment and let a professional automotive repair specialists address the gear slipping problem.

Transmission Grinding or Strange Noises

A situation that can often result in symptoms that are similar to low levels of transmission fluid is when a transmission is contaminated with grease, dirt, and sludge. Seven Oaks Transmissions tells our customers that when driving around the roads of the Winnipeg and surrounding areas that if they notice a grinding or other strange noise from the transmission the vehicle should be stopped and the level of the transmission fluid should be checked with the engine still running. The color of the transmission fluid should be a bright red and not a brown or black color resulting from sludge or grime (it should be noted that some transmission fluid from European auto manufacturers has a similar color to new motor oil, i.e. golden brown).

Most importantly Seven Oaks Transmissions recommends that if there is a grinding or other strange noise coming from your vehicle's transmission, your best option is to have the transmission inspected by a qualified transmission specialist, as having a transmission flush may not be the best option for the problem and may in fact worsen the situation resulting in more damage or expensive repairs. If you live in the Winnipeg area and are having a problem with transmission grinding or noise, Seven Oaks Transmissions invites you to use the form in the contact page to schedule an external diagnostic inspection and complimentary test drive by a one of our professional transmission repair specialists!

Gear Shifting Problems

Seven Oaks Transmissions tells our customers that regardless of whether they drive a vehicle with an automatic or manual transmission, the transmission fluid should flow effortlessly throughout the transmission. When excessive sludge or dirt is present, there may be a sluggish response in the transmission, causing the vehicle to change gears too late or too quickly when driving. In addition to the vehicle responding sluggishly, in vehicle's with manual transmissions the gears may even be difficult to or not shift at all.

As with the other transmission problems our customers in the Winnipeg area may experience with their transmissions, it is best to schedule an appointment and let an automotive repair specialist inspect the transmission to help minimize any additional problem with the transmission that may result from a gear shifting problem.

Vehicle Surge

The explainable surging of a vehicle may indicate that the transmission is polluted with an abundance of contaminants or dirt and a flush is needed. A vehicle may have the tendency to jump or surge forward or fall backwards for no apparent reason if the transmission is dirty and not permitting adequate transmission fluid to flow. This is normally the result of the inconsistent flow of clean transmission fluid required to ensure proper operation of gears and other moving parts in the bell housing of a transmission.

Vehicle Movement Delay

When a vehicle stalls for a couple of seconds after having been put into gear or even before moving it may be another indication that the transmission fluid is contaminated. In this situation and when no other problems are present flushing the transmission may benefit the vehicle.

If you are having problems with your transmission Seven Oaks Transmissions suggests you use our form in the contact page to schedule an inspection or transmission flush today!


Seven Oaks Transmissions offers a performance inspection to assist in diagnosing any problems you may be experiencing with your transmission. Our thorough performance inspection includes a fluid check, examination of the pan, a driving test, and inspection using a lift. This provides a comprehensive diagnostic inspection of your vehicle's transmission performance and routine operation.

Fluid Inspection

Checking the transmission fluid is usually the primary indicator of possible transmission damage and wear. A properly operating transmission will have a clear, red fluid. If there is discoloration or an undesirable odor in combination with other trouble signs, an internal inspection of the transmission may be required. When inspecting the transmission fluid, our technicians will see if any of these symptoms may appear.

Road Test

Road testing the vehicle is comprised up of 2 parts. A stationary test and a driving test. During both of these, the transmission is inspected for sound of slipping, erratic shifting, and late or early shift patterns.

Pan Examination

Examining the transmission pan can be a great indicator of potential sources of problems as it permits a partial look at the inside of the transmission. And while most transmission pans may have some metal particulates, excessive amounts of metal are signs of internal wear and transmission damage.

Lift Inspection

Inspecting the vehicle while on a lift may determine the type of adjustment, repair or replacement that could be needed. In a lift inspection, our transmission technician will inspect the following:

Electronic Components

Fluid Retention

Neutral Switch

Manual Linkage


Modulator Vacuum

Throttle Linkage

Transmission Mounts


When the completion of your performance inspection indicates that an internal problem is present with your transmission, Seven Oaks Transmissions suggests further examination with the internal inspection of the transmission. This examination consists of the removal of the vehicle's transmission and disassembly so as to inspect the internal parts. In the internal inspection, all transmission parts are examined for wear and damage. When finished, one of our technicians will provide a report of the items that are in need of replacement or repair, along with an estimate for the same.

Post-Performance Inspection Recommendations:

No problem with the transmission: The performance inspection indicates that no repairs or adjustments are required.

Preventive Maintenance Service: This service helps to minimize or prevent any transmission problems before they begin. Our specialists will replace the transmission's fluid and filter if necessary.

External Repair / Adjustment: This service includes any repairs to the exterior of the transmission that does not involve the removal of the transmission.

Reseal Service: This process requires the transmission's removal for replacement of any leaking transmission seals. Seven Oaks Transmissions performs this service after the transmission inspection. It is intended to repair leaking transmissions that do not have any other internal problems.

Internal Inspection Services: Our transmission specialists will thoroughly evaluate all internal components of the transmission. Seven Oaks Transmissions performs this service if the performance inspection shows the transmission to have an internal problem. Seven Oaks Transmissions will remove the transmission, disassemble and inspect ALL internal transmission parts excessive wear. Upon your approval, our technician will replace only those necessary parts with parts meeting OEM specs to give the transmission an ability to obtain optimal operation and performance. Finally, when all work is completed, the transmission is reinstalled.

When the vehicle has undergone the performance inspection and you have received a professional service from our qualified specialists, the vehicle is once again ready to hit the roads of the Winnipeg area.

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After several weeks of reading online and asking other shops for advice and most other sources suggesting a rebuild i found a socket slightly rolling under a floor mat that was hitting the bolt that mounts the seat to the floor. Inside the truck the noise was really muffled but underneath the truck it sounded very loud as the sound was traveling down the bolt and all across they floor board.

Anyhow, I appreciated their honesty and recommending that i don't spend the money on replacing anything as there was no other signs that anything was wrong or worn other then the noise. I will definitely be taking all of my vehicles there in the future as i trust that they are only going to recommend fixing/replacing parts that need to be replaced. They saved me 1500$ :)

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